FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the chef making food onsite?

Yes! Pear’s Chef is onsite at the building preparing your food, this is how we can assure complete freshness.

2) Who are your chefs?

All of our chefs have gone through culinary school and most have over 8 years experience working as private chefs for both high net worth families and restaurants.

3) Is there a delivery fee?

No, no delivery fee, our runner will bring the food up to your unit.

4) Does the menu rotate?

Yes, it sure does. We change our menu items daily.

5) What is the cut off time for ordering on a weekday?

Delivery cut off time is 9 p.m., please place your order by then!

6) How long is the wait time?

Depending on which time slot you choose, it could be as short as 20 minutes.

7) Is there a benefit to “pre-ordering”?

Yes! This ensures we won’t run out of your pear-fect first choice!


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